About Us

Our Vision

The QMax culture is built upon our unwavering commitment to achieving excellence in our field in an ethical and safe manner.  We hold ourselves accountable to this commitment by incorporating our five key values into our everyday lives.  We live by these five key values (EXCIITES); they not only guide us but they drive and challenge us to exceed our own expectations.  The values are:


We strive to be the industry leader and be the number one choice for critical service work.  This goal is achieved not only by providing excellent engineering, innovation, customer service, and operations management but above all else, prioritizing safety.  We challenge ourselves to be the standard for excellence by continuing to demand from ourselves and each other the very best in all that we do.


QMax prides itself on our constant drive to meet our customer’s needs.  Continuously looking at new ways to apply technology enables us to exceed our customer’s expectations.  We make these contributions not only to in-field operations, but also to ourselves and the communities we serve.  Personally or professionally, stagnation is not an option. 


Being the leader in our industry is more than just serving our customers.  It is setting the highest standard in safe, ethical, and legal business practices.  All QMax employees have made a commitment to doing business while maintaining these values.  Our behavior will always reflect this commitment, we will never compromise our integrity, our reputation, or our standards. 


Here at QMax, we are all one team, whether in the field in Mexico or in an office in India.  Our reputation belongs to all of us, and it is our duty to uphold and continuously improve this around the globe.  The seamless collaboration between functions here at QMax is what sets us apart from the rest.  This enables us to provide trouble-free solutions so that our customers can maximize the value of their asset. 


We are committed to the safety of our employees and those with whom they work. We provide training and supervision to ensure that we prevent incidents and continually learn from our experiences. We empower our employees to report unsafe practices and support them if they stop work in an unsafe environment. Our desire is that every employee gets home safely, every day.