Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Delivering value to customers is an absolute must – we will deliver more: QMax Value. Meaning we will not only provide value, but we will supply the optimum and most effective results on the market.  And we will do this while remaining agile and adaptable to changing customer needs.

QMax Value is delivered through our Supply Chain by: 1) Our decades of oilfield service experience and 2) A highly integrated supply chain team.  The QMax Supply Chain consists of a world-class central team – continually realizing savings and efficiencies that are passed on to our customers – and regional teams which are focused on providing local solutions to local drilling needs.

Our world-class supply chain network differentiates itself through:

  • Establishing a high-quality supplier base that is reliable and competitive.
  • Optimizing our network to support our supplier base and to ensure efficiency & flexibility.
  • Developing standard processes and tools to integrate our global and regional supply chain teams with our local operations.
  • Establishing a reliable logistics and trade compliance network which ensures that products arrive safely, on time, and in compliance with local laws.
  • Anticipating future market conditions and hedging potential risks with our market intelligence team.

To ensure QMax Value delivery, we work as one team to determine the best solutions for our customers. In addition to central, regional, and operations integration, our Supply Chain’s network works with our Research & Development team to deliver tailored local solutions for local drilling needs.  These local solutions also continue to meet rigorous qualitative standards with required lab and field testing.

These rigorous quality standards for our products are the same ones to which we hold our suppliers, carriers, and our entire supply chain team. QMax Value means that we will maintain high quality and flexibility in our supply chain processes and products.

Furthermore, our world-class supply chain will always find ways to provide QMax Value.

We Deliver. No excuses.