Drilling Fluid Solutions

At QMax, we provide our customers with Drilling Fluid Solutions comprised of products and services that address more than just the downhole technical challenges – our solutions encompass all of the interfaces that the drilling fluid has with the other key services involved in well construction. Simply put, our global Drilling Fluid Solutions enable our customer’s ability to deliver their project objectives.

We have a complete line of water-based and non-aqueous drilling fluid systems for land, offshore, HTHP, high angle, SAGD, and horizontal applications. Our high-performance, water-based drilling fluid system, QMAX Drill, can be used in the most challenging and environmentally sensitive drilling applications. And, our non-aqueous, QVERT and MAXVERT, drilling fluids offer diesel and synthetic based solutions.

In addition, our Drilling Fluid Solutions are supported by a global network of Technical Support services and Technical Centers including our Corporate Technology Center, located in Houston Texas and four Regional Technology Centers located in Canada, Mexico, Colombia and India. This network provides research and development, field technical services support, quality assurance, and analytical lab services. Supplemental to the Corporate and Regional Technical Centers, many of our operations also have field support labs. Taken altogether, QMax provides an unparalleled lab network that delivers and supports our solutions with our customers. Working with our Global Technical Center network is a team of Technical Services Specialist, led by Region Technical Managers, and it is supported with a suite of engineering software.

QMax can provide the right Drilling Fluid Solutions and Services for the most challenging drilling projects!  We deliver.  No excuses.

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