QMAXDRILL - the perfect balance between BHS and environmental peace of mind.

QMAXDRILL is a proprietary, highly inhibitive, high performance, amine-based fresh-water system, specifically designed to meet drilling challenges associated with water sensitive formations. With QMAXDRILL, the typical borehole stability issues encountered in these formations are a thing of the past.

The dual, chemical and mechanical inhibition mechanisms created by the amine and the polymeric combination, maximizes its performance. For specific applications, further enhancement can be achieved by the use of a proprietary glycol.

As result of 1.5 years of laboratory R&D, the chloride free inhibitive-amine system insures operators’ peace of mind from an environmental point of view. The system can be lad-sprayed / land-spread and the cuttings can be mixed-buried-and-covered just like any environmental conscientious fresh water based mud.


  • QMAXDRILL can be successfully used, both as inhibitive fluid for troublesome shale / clays and as drill-in fluid for clay contaminated sandstones.
  • The system is especially recommended for remote and/or environmentally sensitive locations.
  • It can be used for both on and off-shore locations.


  • Highly inhibitive, high performance water based mud
  • Presents an outstanding inhibition of shale and drilling performance characteristics with efficient drilling penetration rates
  • Alleviates bit balling and mud rings
  • Reduced formation damage in clay contaminated sandstones
  • Environmentally friendly, allowing for Land-Spray/Spread-While-Drilling and MBC
  • Proprietary, highly accurate method of determining amine concentration
  • Contaminant resistant
  • Easy to handle in wide range of properties that cover all down hole operationsv
  • Easy to dewater
  • Very economical both as drilling fluid and disposal costs