Solids Control & Waste Mgmt.

In today’s environmentally aware climate, the emphasis on the optimization of drilling operations to meet both environmental and QHSE regulations has never been stronger.

QMax is committed to helping our customers achieve environmental and QHSE compliance and has invested significantly so we can provide for our customers fully integrated drilling fluids, solids control and drilling waste management solutions. To that end, we provide a full range of equipment and ancillaries; designed for high performance and reliability. QMax provides Shale Shakers, plug and play drying shaker systems, centrifuges, dewatering units and our MudStripper technology. QMax also provides high performance shale shaker screens applicable to multiple brands of shakers currently on the market. Our screens offer leading performance, reliability and value.  With a full range of drilling fluid and solids control products and services QMax is positioned to offer complete fluid solutions to our customers. Optimization of the solids control and waste management systems with the drilling fluids on a project provides our customers with economic and effective solutions to the most challenging drilling environments.

Solids Control

Our line of Solids Control Equipment plays a key role in responding to the environmental and economic pressures faced by the drilling industry today, by offering reliable field-proven technology for every drilling application.  QMax offers a full range of Solids Control equipment and ancillaries designed for high performance and reliability.

Standard & Customized equipment options:

  • Shale shakers & Mud Cleaners
  • Replacement Shaker Screens
  • Centrifuge systems
    • High Volume
    • Barite recovery
    • Enhanced LGS Removal
  • De-watering units
  • Drill Cuttings Dryers (WBM & NAF)
  • Mobile & Fixed Liquid Mud Plants
  • High Efficiency Mud Mixing systems
  • Mud Vacuum systems - 30hp to150hp
  • Brine & Waste Water
  • Filtration Systems
  • Mud Cooling Systems

Drilling Waste Management

A major challenge in processing drilling waste is the diverse nature of the produced waste. The methods and technologies used to treat different waste streams are as varied as the waste itself. The treatment method we select for your drilling project is based on the characteristics of the waste material, the local environmental regulations, and the available infrastructure.

QMax offers a range of drilling related waste management equipment and services designed to ensure our customers achieve environmental compliance.

Standard & Customized equipment options:

  • Waste Pit Remediation
  • Waste Water Treatment & Recycling
  • Evaporation Units
  • Non-Toxic Geotextile Pit Liners
  • Brine Reclamation
  • Drill Cuttings Drying & Fluids Recovery
  • Rig Tank Cleaning & Heavy Duty House Keeping
  • Spill Containment & Clean Up