R&D and Laboratory Services

Innovation in all aspects of our business is one of the Core Values of QMax and its staff. A top priority and commitment of QMax continues to be the Research and Development of new fluids, products, and technologies to provide optimum solutions to our clients in all areas where we operate. Striving for New Technology is what we do!

Over the past 22 years of service to the oil and gas industry, QMax has developed a comprehensive global network of laboratories dedicated to R&D, operations and client support, QA/QC, technical training, and other client services. Recently, the R&D and Laboratory Services were organized into a three-tier structure consisting of a new Corporate Technology Center (CTC), Regional Technology Centers (RTC), and District Laboratories. Opened in June 2015, the world class Corporate Technology Center located in Houston focuses on research and development of products, systems & technologies - including Deepwater and “Blue Sky” Projects, product QA/QC, and technical training of staff and clients. Additionally, it provides support to operations and clients in the USA and globally as needed. Four Regional Technology Centers located in Calgary (Canada), Bogota (Colombia), the Middle East, and Villahermosa (Mexico) serve their respective regions –  delivering research and development of products, systems and technologies specific to the region needs, support of operations and clients, product QA/QC, and technical training of staff and clients. Supporting our commitment to provide “local solutions for local drilling needs”, several District Laboratories provide local support to the field operations.

All laboratories are fully staffed with qualified and experienced R&D and lab personnel with designations such as Ph.D., M.Sc., Chemical and Petroleum Engineers, Chemists and Technologists. Standard lab equipment for testing drilling fluids, products, and core/cuttings samples are utilized to test and develop optimum fluid properties. Specialized instruments used for advanced testing at the CTC and the RTC level include:

  • Fann iX77 HTHP Rheometer
  • Fann 90 Dynamic Filter Press
  • Drilling Simulator
  • XRD
  • ICP
  • Gas Chromatograph
  • Particle Size Analyzer
  • Linear Swell Meter
  • EP Lubricity Tester

The corporate led structure was implemented to leverage our global R&D and laboratory support resources to ensure excellent client support everywhere we operate. Corporate policies, operating models, and standard procedures are used company wide for consistent, high-quality service to our clients. New technology development, operations support, and client services are coordinated at the regional and corporate levels to facilitate the best results in a timely manner. Strong collaboration, communication, and teamwork across the R&D and Laboratory Service groups is part of our culture. Our goal is to bring new technologies to the market and optimum solutions to benefit our clients.